Monday, April 6, 2009

Accessing the Personal Knowledge Network

I get my RSS/ATOM feeds through Google Reader and can't always get to reading *everything*. This is where the search tool is such an excellent component. Like GMail, Reader allows those of us who don't tag everything to recall articles and posts that we glanced but didn't tag/store/zotero etc.

Working on The Fascinator has made me start to think where my pool of "knowledge" comes from. Naturally, there are a few things in my head but I really rely on my various data sources to form my personal knowledge network.

Whilst The Fascinator desktop edition will scan sections of my drive for things that I've saved, I often don't save articles and posts to my drive. If I know I want to keep something, I put it into my poorly organised Zotero library. Otherwise, I might tag it via Delicious. If it's a blog post I sometimes tag or star it but usually I am happy to know that it's somewhere in that mess of posts.

So, based on this, I think that The Fascinator would benefit from allowing this personal knowledge network to be aggregated - even at only the search level. This would mean that we can allow users to access their full network and tag/comment/associate across it.

My initial targets are selfish ones - Zotero, Delicious and Google Reader.

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