Monday, June 22, 2009

Staying on Trac

I admit it - I am growing tired of Trac wiki. It's probably our fault - we're using an old version - but I get the feeling it's a bigger problem than that. I work with a University-based technology team that tries to keep the following things together:

  • Organisational news and info

  • Project information

  • Source code

  • Job Tickets

  • Server details

  • Documentation

  • Publications

  • Procedures and Policy

We've got a range of skills on our team but obscure wiki markup format is not necessarily a precondition of employment. What's more, we've ended up with several sites running Trac or ICE that makes learning where to put stuff rather onerous.

My thought is to start trying to bring this stuff together but the question is how. In a previous job I created a controlled vocabulary within Confluence Wiki to bring together reports and project info but source code didn't really come into the equation. XWiki might be a good open alternative but there'd be some coding to do.

I've also been picking up on Maven and see that it could provide a good basis for the coding side of things but that doesn't help non-technical staff.

For presenting the content we could use The Fascinator to harvest from all of our sources and present (mash) it in a variety of combinations (public, developer or manager). That still leaves us with lots of entry points.

So I have some leads but nothing solid (yet). Ideas welcome.

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  1. Suggestion: Two steps.

    1. Bring it all together using The Fascinator so at least people SEEKING info can find stuff.
    2. Add editing / annotation etc tools to The Fasciantor using widgets etc that are as arms-length as possible and route the changes back to the source systems. This is kind if what we will need to do on the desktop anyway.