Thursday, March 24, 2011



Well, it’s been a while since this blog and I ran into each other but rest assured, I haven’t been hibernating. As usual I’ve been involved in a wide variety of stuff:
  • Building the ReDBox/Mint system for recording the existence of research data
  • Developing an Creative Arts Research Repository
  • Building the ADFI development team’s Scrum model and support systems
  • Investigating the noSQL and Convention over Configuration landscapes
  • Trying to round up my reading into the eResearch environment and actually start writing

I’m aiming to get the Prag-o-Matic cranked up again with some posts really soon. I have done some writing elsewhere, however:
  • On the subject of identifiers: As various teams start to build research metadata stores, it’s important to look back at the work done and lessons learnt in the Institutional Repository world. In this post I’ll discuss the issue of identifying “things” so that all repositories can have a shared understanding of data. It’s something that wasn’t well resolved in the IR community and threatens to reappear in our research metadata stores.
  • Some conference presentations as well - I really should get these up on the web

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