Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dev notebooks

For many years I've kept notebooks to track development prototypes and various explorations into new (for me) software. I find this approach really quite useful as it keeps a record of the code and notes I found useful whilst in the thick of a challenge. Often, trying to work out how to do something is more like a puzzle to me than "work" and can soak up many hours of my attention.

The various entries in my notebooks are variable - some of it reaches a conclusion that could be run by others whilst others are quick scripts. I happily admit that I start a lot of things but, due to time or low returns, I drop it and move on. Interestingly, this type of approach can pay off a little time later when a team I'm working with starts to look into a solution and I can trawl up something from a notebook. With easily accessible (and free) systems like GitHub and BitBucket, I can stash the code for easy recall.

An example is my engineering-notebook repo on GithHub or my recent play with Jupyter and Spark. For the more tangible work, I decided to setup a notebook site and put an overview together to describe some of my efforts.

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